My wife ‘mentioned’ the other day that she doesn’t get as much e-mail as I do. So, today being her birthday, fill up her mailbox.

I went to SGI’s Visual Computing website, and noticed the “build your own box” link, so I did, $18,084 is all it would take to get my box. Hmm, new car, or pay off all the bills for the next 3 years, or a new computer. I’d be stuck using NT until SGI adds linux or Be support.

As I was playing around with PHP tonight, I had a thought; how would one react to being e-mailed a thank you for visiting com.lewman? It would be fairly trivial with PHP to parse your hostname, get your username, and send you an e-mail. Heck, I could have one sent for every page you hit, and even tell you what time you hit it. You can do this now with Javascript, but why not do it for all browsers? Do you think the search engines read their mailboxes? Speaking of search engines, check out Google.It’s a linux-based search engine started by a few Stanford grads (sound familiar? can you say Yahoo?).

One of the biggest things I miss about linux, is Gimp. I haven’t found an equivalent replacement for it in Be. The other hing I miss, as bad as this is, is a visual html editor. It seems so tiresome sometimes to have to code html by hand, although I’m getting really good at keeping my cadence while doing all the time.

My ISDN line was re-ordered today, however BA still has to call back with an order number and date of installation. Why do I get the feeling I’ll be ordering it again in another two weeks? I also get the feeling I’m suddenly going to have 3 BA techs show up to install 3 ISDN lines. My Cisco 804 should be here in a few weeks as well. Just think, I’ll have 4 phone numbers for telemarketers’ to call. Woohoo!

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