This is a non-update. Now that I’ve been forced to use only MS technology for the past month, I know why I grow weary of it, however it also has it’s salient points (yes, I, linuxboy, said that). Which genius decided that you can run SQL7 and IIS4 under Win98? Doesn’t that go against MS’s whole NT is the server OS? And what’s worse, is that Win98 seems to run both of them better. I’ve been doing my development work under both WinNT and Win98, and 98 is faster to test things out on. Go figure.
I played some games online tonight, and well, that’s pretty much the exciting life I have. And in the tune of Al Gore, this website is open source. Yes that’s right, I’ve jumped on the open source bandwagon. I’ll now allow you to right click and select the View Source option free of charge. What a crock…

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