Questions for Successful Dark Web Investigation Businesses

Over the past year┬áI’ve been asked by┬áinvestors and startups on what to do about the dark web. Crime is rampant. The increasing variety of dark web technologies is confusing. And there is much hyperbole about the size, secrecy, and strength of the technologies. I’m helping advising businesses-some small, some large-on how to tackle the various […]

Random Ruby

I found some old random ruby scripts from ages ago. This is a script to create 1,000 hidden services. Apparently I ran it as create_hidden_serv.rb >> torrc #!/usr/bin/ruby start_port = 10000; datadir = “~/.tor”; end_port = 11000; until start_port == end_port do puts “HiddenServiceDir #{datadir}/hidserv/#{start_port} HiddenServicePort #{start_port}{start_port}”; #puts “#{start_port}”; start_port += 1; end Create […]